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I'm not sorry, I was having fun.

Surveillance. Support. Sandviches.

Emma ♦ Comics ♣ Racing ♥ Games ♠
'Allo, I'm Emma. I'm eighteen (!), and live in Warrington - which is somewhere between The Smiths and The Beatles. I have some odd interests and social anxiety disorder, but I've learnt to balance the social stigma of the two of them, and right now I'm doing quite well. :) I'm generally pretty friendly over the internet, I like making new friends, and I play well with others, kind of.
I read various comic books on and off, but the two that I legitimately follow are The Boys and Hellblazer. Aside from the two exceptions that prove the rule up there, I generally like more lighthearted stuff - especially if it's bromance heavy. I read all sorts, depending on my mood, but I don't usually stray too far from the C-listers of DC.
I was brought up on formula one, and when I was little I always really liked Damon Hill who I may or may not still have an embarrassing love of. Rubens Barrichello is my favourite driver, but I also really like Timo Glock and Mark Webber. I don't really use my twitter during the off season, and I've only just realised this.
Last September my then best friend (now boyfriend) took it upon himself to teach me to play fps, and generally get used to playing console games. I've now got my own 360 that I got for my birthday, but I've completed HL2, Bioshock and all the campaigns on L4D2 with Matt. I've also got a DS, but I only really play pokemon and Phoenix Wright on it. ;;
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